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Music in Our Hands, Magic in our Hearts

In loving memory of beloved musical Van Lawton, Music and Magic has been providing musical instruments and creative opportunities to children since 2009.  Through generous individual donations of gently used instruments and funds, we fix them and get them into the hands of children who have the desire to play. Any child can be nominated and any instrument can be requested, we try our best. 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to continue to provide musical instruments and creative opportunities to families. Thanks for being a magic maker!

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Special Thanks

Jennifer Molly, Gregin Doxse, Amy Wentworth, Jan Hryniewicz... Deb Cleveland

Doug Luther, John Kumnick, Jason Phelps, Huck Bennert, Mayo Street Arts, Steven Melanson, Miranda Cassidy, Stephen Carpenter, and YOU

Thanks to your donations, we are continuing to provide musical instruments to families!! 

Who we are and what we do


Magic Makers

Magic Makers

Music and Magic

The following children/organizations

 have received musical instruments from

 Music and Magic:

Ella, 14, Guitar

Yonit, 17 Guitar

Neva 10, Violin

Stella, 14, Electric Bass and Amp

Andrew 16, Guitar

Judah, 10, Electric Guitar and Amp

Talia, 8, Violin

Vivian, 16, Cello

Kristin, 11, Trumpet

Green, 10, Keyboard

Angelina, 11, Clarinet

Kali, 11, Calrinet

Morgan, 14, Trombone

West Virginina High School that was flooded and lost all band insturments.  We donated a piccolo, a flute, two clarinets, an oboe, and a snare drum

Nate, 12, Drums

Gabe, 9, Electric Keyboard

Katrice, 10, Electric Guitar and Amp

Jazmyn, 6, Ukulele

Almirina, 9, Ukulele

Natalia, 8, Ukulele

Konrad, 6, Ukulele

Yasmin, 16, Ukulele

Saytun, 10, Ukulele

Cheyanne, 10, Ukulele

Cassandra, 11, Ukulele

Carla, 13, Ukulele

Jenna, 13, Ukulele

Zuriel, 6, Ukulele

Moriah, 6, Ukulele

Sophie, 6, Ukulele

Divina, 9, Ukulele

Lucie, 10, Ukulele

Brennon, age 6, Monroe, drumset

Griffin Family, Standish, Piano 

Santhiana, 16, Portland (Burundi), Keyboard and Harmonica for little sister 

Preston, 6, Dayton, Ukelele

Evan, age 11, Southwest Harbor, Trumpet and Recorder for brother Isiah

Anelise, age 7, Yarmouth, Cello 

Cori, age 15, Portland, Violin

Braden, Wells, Trumpet

Caitlin, 12, South Portland, Clarinet

Kyanite, 5, Poland, Trumpet

Tim, Freshman, Windham, Clarinet

Cal, age 5, Portland, Guitar

Abbigail, North Anson, Guitar

Alex, age 14, Gray, Drumset

Portland Public School Mulitlingual Multicultural Center, Electric Guitar

Jessie, age 8, Harrison, Violin

Cadence, 7, Standish, Small Acoustic Guitar

Olivia, age 12, Electric Guitar, Windham

Anna, age 10, Saxophone, Lee

Karah, age 11, Flute, Gardiner

Leo, age 9, Snare Drum, Portland

Bomb Diggity Arts, Electric Guitar and Amp for music program in Portland

Ike, age 13, Electric Guitar, Portland

Adrianna Twinkle Toes, age 4, Kids Drum, Portland

Seth, Age 6, Snare Drum with Stand, South Portland 

Charles, age 14, Acoustic Guitar, Oxford

Thalia, age 16, Electric Keyboard for her birthday, Portland

Cassie, age 14, Acoustic Guitar and Lesson with Shayna Barry May, Buckfield

Reuben, age 15, Acoustic Guitar, Bath

Ethan, age 11, Bagpipe chanter kit, Portland

Jamie, age 15, acoustic guitar and lessons with Buck Curran, Lewiston

Talya, age 16, recieved a Cello on December 6th at the State Theatre, Portland

Kani, age 7, Kalimba (thumb piano), South Portland

Zack, age 16, Violin, Portland

Autumn, age 10, Marionette, South Portland

Baely, age 11, Alto Saxophone, South Portland

Joe, age 15, Acoustic Guitar w/case and stand, West Paris

Zyla, age 1, Xylophone, South Portland

Camille, age 3, Kids acoustic guitar, South Portland

Solomon, age 4, Violin, South Portland

Skyler, age 13, Left handed Guitar, Minot

Shawna, age 6, Recorder, Minot

Sheena, age 15, Flute, West Paris

Niko, age 4, 1/4 Violin, Portland

Miller Family, ages 5 and 9, Keyboard and Cello, MDI

Noah, age 1, Remo Kids floor Drum, Falmouth

Katelyn, age 11, Clarinet, Fryberg

Lobadal, age 12, Electric Bass and Amp, Westbrook

Kiki, age 8, Djembe and Veil, Sidney

Olivia, age 12, Djembe and Veil, Portland

Etta, age 8, Djembe and Veil, Portland

Delilah, age 8, Djembe and Veil, Portland

Cassandra, age 12, Djembe and Veil, Paris

Emily, age 10, Djembe and Veil, Orono

Megan, age 13, Djembe and Veil, Orono

Dekarai, age 2, Piano, Gorham

Emma, age 14, guitar lessons, Portland

Cassandra, age 12, Crystal Singing Bowl, Buckfield

Gabrielle, age 6, Bongo Drums, Buckfield

Peter, age 9, Trumpet, South Paris

Jacob, age 10 (Charlie's brother), electric guitar, South Paris

Ben, age 8, keyboard, South Portland

Charlie, age 13, electric guitar and amp, South Paris

Braden, age 3, drums, North Berwick

Non Profit Guitar Doors, electric guitar for Long Creek Youth, South Portland

Vlad (Cheyannne's brother), age 5, djembe, Sumner

Cheyanne age 9, flute, Sumner

Kopen age 8, drum set, Buckfield

Rhiannon, age 9, violin, South Paris

Kale, age 12, upright bass, South Paris

Isabela, age 3, djembe drum, Thorndike

Dylan, age 8, guitar, Portland

Tristan, age 12, saxophone and lesson, South Paris

Autumn, age 2, djembe drum, South Paris

Viola, age 16, djembe drum, Portland

Ahavah, age 5, keyboard, Westbrook

Sabrina, age 5, electronic drum kit, Norway

Chloe age, 9 gift, certificate for keyboard, Paris

Samantha, age 2, child floor drum, Portland

Miguel, age 6, acoustic guitar and lesson, Westbrook

Elizabeth, age 6 (Miguel's twin sister), harmonica and lesson, Westbrook

Magic Makers

Magic Makers

Magic Makers

Music and Magic Portland Maine

The following individuals have supported Music and Magic by donating instruments and funds and by attending events that support our work:

In loving memory of John Wilcox Ianelli

Uncle Arthur Parkhurst in memory of Auntie Chris 

Liz Derecktor

Nancy Frederick

Jan Davis Jenson

Linda Foster Kennedy

Cindy Brown and Harry Brown's Farm

Faith Benedetti 

Le Fay Boutique

JS Walsh and BlueMoose ARt

Morgan Riley

Dough Luther

Christine Olson

Emma Donovan

Stephen Carpenter

The Bixbys, Brenda, Peggy, Robin, Cindy and Judith

Paige Beaudoin, age 12

South Portland Farmer's Market

Spiral Tree Yoga

Gorham School of Music

Truth Virus Records

Farmer Tom

Randall Morabito over and over again!!

Dr. Dustin Sulak

CIA Cafe

Greg Martens

Parkhurst Family

Muriel Shickman

Tim Utley

Shell Moore


Ken Bell 

Kimmy Welch-Wilson

Chris Godin

John & Lauren Gates

Edward Arcand

Chelsie O'Conell

Amandalyn Kaulback

Kate Herrick

Deborah Napier

Kerryann McQuade

Robert D. Rowland

Elliot Brandwein

Nina Hedberg

Ken Grimsley

Jim O'Rielly 

Dylan Fera

Tim Mercer

Ryan Lessard

Tania Margate

Aaron Cloutier

The Burch Family

Greg Semple

Julia Hatfield

Jim Bouchard

Kudra MacCaillech

Donna at Sacred Waves 

Alexandra Haseltine

Pilar Gizzi

Tom Dee

Ron and the South Portland Raging Bulls Football Team 

Tom Kazprzak

Beth Simpson

Jake (George Dix)

Moira Simonds

Laurinda Cartier

Randall Morabito

Bob Wilson

Baby Noah

Chassity Rae

Marc Rodrigue

Alivia Sobey

Scott Herrick and the Divided Sky Cafe'

Karin VanNostrand 

Granny’s Burritos

The Arm Factory

Dispatch Magazine

Scarborough Grounds

Great Lost Bear

Liz Bieber Photography 

Dogfish Café

Maine Sucessful Thinkers 

Will Rohman

Martha Martens

Don Benson

Stephanie Taylor

David Butler

Brie Plummer & Jarid York

Sara Leavitt Goldberg

Nancy Rushton

James and Cindy Ratner

James and Sarah Parkhurst

Linda Foster Kennedy

Mindy Ray

Roost House of Juice

Ed Croxford

Brenda Bixby-Carlson

Nicole Quinlan

Polly Urbach


Jamie Benner

Mateo Vosganian

Bruce Mills

Matthew Day

Jenn Carter

Merta Family for Fran Smartt Addicott of New Vineyard

Rob Phipps

The Churchill Family

Angela Pitteroff

Mary Godfrey

Krystah Nakkaal

Leslie Moore

Elizabeth Ross In memory of my mom, Betty! 

Tim and Carla Yount

Mike Lydon and Buckdancer's Choice  

Marshall Smith (for the most magical donation yet... Van's Guitar...)

Alysha Alling

Don Benson

Aliza Erickson

Phil Daligan

Terry Morrison

Kaila Currier

Jenny Van West

Colin Dougher

Ranin Brown 

Brigit McCallum

Shawn Seaman

Deborah Goff 

Eliot Weaver

Bill Price

Stephen Thomas

Lee Urban

and YOU! (make a donation today to see your name here)


Nominations and Donations of Musical Instruments

Nominations and Donations of Musical Instruments

Music and Magic

The following musicians, artists, and organizations have contributed their talents and funds to support our mission:

Greg Martens

Ken Bell and The Portland House Of Music

A Band Beyond Description

Rustic Overtones

The Fogcutters

Pardon Me Doug

Wild Adriatic

Fred Dodge

Doug Morgan

Eddy Dyer and Jimmy Otis

Rijah Newell

Sparks Artists Collective

Dark Follies

Viva and The Reinforcements

Dave Gagne

Charles Foster Ellingwood

John Clavette Band

Red Lion Rockers

VJ Foo and the Foo Crew

Oogie James and the Satin Kings

Jerks of Grass

Jordan Kaulback



Funk Punks

Justin Lindsay and the Baby Boomers

Shana Barry

The Beat Horizon

Hot Day at the Zoo

The Scallywags

Gypsy Tailwind

Amanda Gervasi

Elderberry Jam

Ken Grimsley

Mystic Vibes

Trailer Trash

Post Provost



Verbalized Medicine

Blues Brothers Tribute Band

Tom Dee


Nominations and Donations of Musical Instruments

Nominations and Donations of Musical Instruments

Nominations and Donations of Musical Instruments

Music and Magic

Nominations for children to receive instruments can be made vie email to  .