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About Us

Rob Duquette, Multi-Instrumentalist


singer/songwriter/composer/leader of the band "duquette 

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Amanda Parkhurst, Creatress


family music director/teacher/performer Amanda Panda 

AND choreographer/teacher/lyrical dancer 

Amanda is the creatress of Music and Magic

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Kind Kids Music, mindful children's music programming w/Rob & Panda


Amanda “Panda” and  Rob Duquette share songs of kindness, compassion, silliness, friendship, nature, and love to audiences of all ages.  Teaching mindfulness practice to children and their grown ups at libraries, schools, yoga studios, and community art centers nationwide!

Artist Projects

I am Peaceful, coloring Song book by Amanda Panda Music


The first of a series of song books this one a COLORING SONG BOOK based on Amanda Panda's Song I AM PEACEFUL in collaboration with artist Michael Taylor and the Book Fairy Pantry Project this book is being created NOW and needs your help to make it happen!

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Duquette and Dancer


Rob Duquette is multi -instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/composer and founder and leader of the band duquette.  He can be found behind a drumset with a smile, and on piano, guitar, and xylophone with ease. On his newest studio project he plays almost all of the instruments on all of the tracks himself. Duquette is currently producing a new album to be released this holiday season featuring raw emotional tracks "You Be the Tree" and "It's Ok" and sultry rockers "Stay with Me" and "Tryin Hard" and more.... 

transcenDance is a solo lyrical dance company featuring Amanda Parkhurst. Amanda has been a professional dancer and choreographer since the 1990s. After many years behind the curtain, she has been re-inspired by duquette’s music to create and share on the stage once again. She dances alone or with props such as silk veils and ribbons to pieces such as “We’re All Going” from Trust the Night, and “See Me” from Duquette’s newest album 

Stay With Me. Audience members have said her dancing “really brings a special element to the show” and “we couldn’t take our eyes off her

Kind Kids Music


Kind Kids music  incorporates world musical genres and infuses important lessons about kindness, empathy, and environmental responsibility. Now  featuring Amanda Panda’s music revolving around themes of mindfulness, compassion, family, friends, kindness and silliness. Her family songs are based on familiar tunes with re-created lyrics for all ages to enjoy. When Rob Duquette and Amanda Panda perform together special blue furry guest “Muffy the Marionette” is sure to be dancing too!

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duquette and dancer

video by Satronen Sound 


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